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Banks is a collection of audio clips that can be loaded and unloaded on demand at any time. Audio Banks is InAudio's way of handling groups of audio clips to load. As InAudio is scene independent, another way of handling the clips is needed. InAudio uses Unity 5's way of loading, respecting how if the clip is LoadInBackground and PreloadAudioData. If you do not want InAudio to handle your audio clip loading, simply disregard this page and load the audio clips manually.
Do note that if you play an audio clip, regardless of its settings, Unity will load the audio clip automatically.
Do not worry if an audio clip is located in several banks, only a single copy will be loaded.

To open the Bank window, go to Window/InAudio/Bank Window or press alt+shift+4.

The hierarchy is mostly of the familiar InAudio style. Banks however cannot be nested and folders are only used for grouping.

  • Auto load - This will automatically load the bank when the game starts no matter what. Handy for clips that is persistent across scenes.
  • “Find Folders using this bank” - Will open the Audio Window and show every folder, and their parents, that use this bank.

Bank Hook

The bank hook is a simple component that is similar to the Event Hook that instead loads and unloads audio banks.

In this example the the bank hook is used to trigger loading & unloading of the level two bank. The steps are simple, just open the audio bank window and:

  1. Drag the bank to the 'On Start' event.
  2. Drag the same bank to the 'On Destroy' event.
  3. Set the 'On Destroy' event to unload instead of load.

When this object is activated the bank will now load and unload when the object is destroyed.

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