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Event Actions

As explained in the event, actions is what makes event do something. This page will cover all the different types.


Play, Stop, Break

Play & Stop does what one would think. Play plays an audio node and stop, stops it immediately.

Break however stops any looping, but does not stop any audible sounds. For instance, shooting a gun could be looping a random sound node until the player lets go of the trigger. Here, break could be used. To allow for seamless looping, there is however a small 0.1 second window before a sound ends where the next sound will be played.

All three events used the same action parameter, the delay.

Stop All

Stop All is a bit different as it does not take any object. It stops all audio attached to the game object.


Play/Stop/Pause Music

Basic music control. Play & Stop allows for fading in/out. Pause allows for resuming, while stopping does not. Playing some music which is already playing, makes it restart.

Music Volume Control

Allows for setting / fading the volume of a music group.

Crossfade Music

Crossfades between two volumes, by swapping them.

Solo-Mute Music

Can solo and or mute a music group.

Stop All Music

Stops all music.


Bank Loading

This action can load and unload a bank.
You can specify if it should load or unload the bank.
See also banks and the bank event hook for other ways to load & unload banks.

Unity Audio Mixer

Mixer Snapshot

Transitions to a snapshot as defined in the Audio Mixer.

Mixer Value

Sets any value exposed in the mixer. Uses a string and can fade the value over time.

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