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InAudio's music player supports layered, synchronized and of course gap-free playblack. The music player works as you would expect, the music is persistent across scenes and there is never more than one instance of element playing. The music can easily be played, stopped, paused faded out, crossfaded, solo/muted and more via the API, most of which can be tested in the interface for easy testing as displayed below.

What should be noted, is that every music hierarchy, not folder, is synced in playback. Meaning that if a parent is paused, so is all children, and if a child is paused, so all siblings and their parent.

To access the API, use



  1. Name and ID. ID is unique, while name can be anything and is only used for naming.
  2. Volume and Pitch. These settings affect the children recursively. For instance in this picture 'Bass' and 'Drums' are affected by the volume and pitch of the 'Relaxing Music' group.
  3. Looping specifies if the music should loop. Is on by default.
  4. The audio mixer group the music should play in. The child can override and use a different one than the parent.
  5. Solo/Mute. Muting mutes the group and all children. Solo makes everything else, but this group (and its direct parents) muted.
  6. Clips in node, which clips this group is playing. The green bar indicates how far along each clip is, and they do not need to have the same length.
  7. Shows the volume in the hierarchy, as affected by parent volume, mute & solo.
  8. Playback control for the node. In counter-clockwise order: Play/Pause, Stop, Solo & Mute

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