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The spline tool allows you to have volumetric audio in the game that is always the closets possible to the audio listener and is always facing it. To get started create a game object and attach the 'In Spline' component to it. It is recommended to set the playing audio to looping, as it is not done automatically.
The spline can be in any shape desired. You can add nodes to the spline and connect any pair of nodes. The audio is always somewhere on a connection.


  1. The spline game object and the child nodes. Each node is a game object with a spline node component attached.
  2. Drag events from the event window to play audio.
  3. To add nodes to the spline. Clicking 'Add and Select' create a new now, and selects the game object to you can move it immediately.
  4. All nodes in the spline
  5. All connections between the nodes.


As the audio attached to the spline is always the closets possible to the audio listener, it does always behave well in corners. In a corner the audio can jump between the closets points on two different line segments, and it is generally recommended.

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